I started with the idea that everyone, man or woman, has the right to be and feel beautiful, relying on someone who could emphasize his image improving his appearance, working on factors regarding nonverbal communication: clothing, makeup, hairstyle, movements, appeal. All this is possible by applying techniques like: the color analysis, the camouflage and the research of a style and a personal look to build a successful image that allows to express her or his personality at the best.

Many communication studies confirm that what we say with words influences only in a minimum percentage. A good part is affected by the timbre, the tone, the inflection, the rhythm of the speech, the silences, the intercalary, by our attitudes or education.

However, the greater influence is a direct consequence of our appearance and how we introduce us: the gait, gestures, positions, facial expressions, the choice of clothing, style, colors, the perfumes, the makeup and the accessories.

In fact, itís been scientifically proven that 80% of what we communicate passes through the eyes and only a minimum part reaches the ear.

Itís true that nonverbal language goes along with words, but in case of discordance it is the first that leaves the strongest impression. Even if itís true that a book is not to be judged by its cover, certainly the look influences the opinion and the first impression about us, determining how we will be reminded in our absence.


Gisella Peana © 2011